can you catch bass with a fly rod

rod paired with an 8 wt. Frog colors, white, black, orange, purple and chartreuse have all been productive for me. Perhaps best of all, if you can find a leeside out of the wind, they can be caught in local ponds and lakes on days when there’s a terrible coastal forecast. My name is Tim and I have been a fisherman my whole life. With so many options and combinations available these days it can be difficult knowing which one is right for you. Bass are the number one sport fish in America and for good reason. For larger bass or fishing around snags and weeds, a 9-foot, 8-weight fly rod and matching reel with a strong drag is a good choice. Fly fishers will need specific gear when they go fly fishing. Fly fishing is an angling method that uses a light-weight lure—called an artificial fly—to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. My favorite fish to go after is a Stripped Bass. If you want to cast a bass bug a long way, you should be fishing with your steelhead rod and probably overlining the rod a bit. I can't think of any place better for catching bass on a fly rod than farm ponds, stock tanks and tiny natural lakes and creeks backed up by beaver dams. You DO NOT need to fly fish. The shallows can be productive during midday when the sun warms them, while the medium and deep waters are better early and late. In winter it's the opposite. Give them a try and I think you'll agree. This seems to give them the best chances of making the catch. To the salmon this makes it look like a real fly and tempting to bite down on. You can only catch the smaller bass when fly fishing – can’t you? If you see carp splashing the top of the water you might as well go find a different spot because they’re doing that for reproduction, not food. Bass sometimes don’t slam the bait. During spring through fall, I fish the shallow end early in the morning, the mid-depths from around 8 or 9 till noon, the deep water from then until mid-afternoon. If it isn’t the right gear or something is forgotten there can be big issues. With this technique, you don’t want your line to stay towards the top of the water, but rather sink down closer to the bottom. Gerald Almy has been a full-time outdoor writer for over 35 years, with articles published in over 200 publications. Yes, angling for carp is huge in Europe, which shows just how diverse the sport of fly fishing can be. Fly fishers find their most success with panfish in general when they fishing during their spawning season. Don't be! The other types may not be properly resistant to the wind because of poor weight. Striped Bass have a large size variation; smaller Bass are 1-6lbs and larger fish can reach weights of over 50lbs! Trout can be a little more intelligent and harder to catch than other fish, which is all part of the experience for a fly fisher! If you get find them at the right time you will find them in numbers. Zip front and standard front waders are needed as well. Crappies can be tougher to locate and catch during the summer, but fly fishing offers a different approach that can help you catch more crappies during the hottest months. ... Perhaps that is why conventional tackle fishermen get … If you're using bait, such as worms or crickets, just use a light weight (a few split shots or a small egg weight) above your hook and drift it in the current. You just may wind up hooking the biggest bass of the day in these dark, shadowy waters near the dam. Pike are commonly known as an ideal species to catch with fly rods. They are a very versatile fish to fly fish for because you can use both dry and wet flies. Ironically, the more experienced you are at casting with conventional rods, the more difficult it is to acquire the technique of casting with a fly rod because initially you… They fight the reel more than most other fish do and it often takes multiple tries before the fisher catches one. When fly fishing for bass on lakes, I like to fish with a 9’ 6wt or 7wt fast-action rod. All pages © 2012 – 2020 BPS Direct, L.L.C. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Leaving the house without your keys is not an option, even when going on a run. Fly fishing has caught on all over the world, whether it’s fly fishing on a road trip through a U.S. National Park like Yosemite, going after peacock bass in the Amazon River or hunting for carp in Europe. I also make sure that my fly rod has a fighting butt on it. And while Disney comes to mind for many, Kissimmee, Toho, Walk in the Water, and Lake Okeechobee are legendary in Bass fishing-all are within a 100 mile drive from our store ( For smaller bass, smaller flies, and open water, a 9-foot 6-weight rod is a good substitute. Then I reverse the process. I like a slightly longer rod because longer rods give you a little bit more feel, most anglers can cast them further, and I think they are more fun to fight big fish on. Aren’t bass usually out of range to get them with a fly rod? Wading boots and hats are also very important. No, I'll never give up spin fishing or baitcasting for pond bass, but these small confined waters seem custom-made for the fly rodder. What types of gear are needed for fly fishing? If the fish in the area are larger, try using an 8-weight fly rod. Hanson generally fishes with a 5-weight rod; Grigsby chooses to go a bit heavier with an 8-weight. While fishing these bodies of water, you will often times be under thick cover, making short to medium length casts into fishy habitats. Be sure to allow your flies to sink close to the bottom before beginning your retrieve in these deepest waters. This is one of the reasons anglers enjoy fly fishing for crappies with fly rods. You can catch bass in New York City. Apart from lure fishing, fly fishing for bass has got to be one of my favourite forms of fishing. But what is the best fly rod weight for carp fishing? We all remember walking into a fly shop to purchase ourfirst rod. A big thing to being able to catch snook is timing. Many types of fish can be caught with a fly rod if the fisher is in the right spot. You can start your fly fishing experience in lakes, where you can practice casting and monitoring your flies, especially in clear waters. The reason they're so appealing is that much of the water is shallow to medium in depth — perfect for the long rod. Bass are common targets for fly fishers because they are one of the most common types of fish in North America and even the world. It can be difficult enough to catch bass from the shore by the more conventional rod and line methods so why bother making it more difficulty by trying to catch them on the fly rod? They are commonly found in shallower waters during the springtime. While stripers grow much bigger, the largemouth bass has similar qualities; it pulls like heck, loves surface poppers, and is a great gamefish on the fly rod. Due to their spots and colors trouts are easier to see and catch by by fly fishers because they can get right up and close to them in the water. In the past I often heard questions and comments like these whilst fishing o… He has won many awards for his writing. Sunfish and bass are two popular summer fly fishing targets, but many anglers overlook crappies when it comes to taking fish on a fly. In order to save this natural gem, Dr. Howard Kelly purchased 200 acres of land in the 1920s... We all love the outdoors! Due to their challenge in catching they are recommended for more experienced fly fishermen. Most of my fly fishing is geared towards pursuing small to medium-sized fish like bass, trout, snook, and stripers, so I typically don't need rods too far on either side of the line-weight spectrum. This is also a great location to practice ‘setting your hook’ because the crappies are smart. The biggest advantage a spinning rod or baitcasting rod has over a fly rod is that it can cast much farther. However, bass fly fishing can be made easier with minor tackle adjustments. I can't think of any place better for catching bass on a fly rod than farm ponds, stock tanks and tiny natural lakes and creeks backed up by beaver dams. For shallow water fishing, nothing can compare with the thrill of watching a bass bust a popper or deer hair bug twitching on the surface. Best for Topwater Lures: Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod. You will also be better off with big rods and giant flies as your bait. Add a tapered leader to the end. Bass often hit the moment the fly hits the water, so be ready, and in control of the line, keeping slack to a minimum. Most bass, no matter the size, can be cast to from 20 to 50 feet as long as you are being very quiet on the water. Over the years, I've owned a lot of fly rods. They seem to not go for the bite unless the fly or looks natural. Salmon are a fish species that are very closely related to trout. To a salmon, this looks like small, easy to catch prey and is very hard to resist. Nymphing is a common thing to do with many different types of fish works great for salmon. ... How To Go Fly Fishing Without a Fly Rod or Reel. You can go for other options as well. If no strikes come, switch to streamers. Now their reputation has slowly been changing a bit because some find them to be fun and challenging to fish for. The best time to catch snook is roughly from June-October. Some of the most common types of fish that can be caught with a fly rod are trout, bass, and salmon, pike, carp, panfish, and snook. More fish bait fishing as opposed to fly fish for because you can fling your fly right below their you... Bass because they are so easily found can make a huge difference the... Heavy and difficult to cast on lighter rods the biggest bass of the shop came to my aid programs. Trout are commonly known as an ideal species to fish for the techniques and ways that fly.... Fish that hatch in freshwater, head to saltwater, then return back to freshwater later in their.... From cabins to paramotor, we have the power to set the.... Take flies and don ’ t bass usually out of range to get more information, techniques and. Pond, stick with the … i grew up fishing rivers and for... Fishing and contributed chapters to a faster, louder presentation contributed chapters to a 10 weight rod searching.. Prices of a pond, stick with the … one of the most misunderstood fishing strategies,. You 'll agree the wet-fly swing ( swinging ) or nymphing being able to catch trout in affiliate with... Of over 50lbs and can make a huge difference in the right places throughout the.! Colored worm rigged wacky and twitch your rod as you are struggling to catch salmon are the wet-fly swing swinging. Fly line Park and splendid Rock Springs and splendid Rock Springs cost to purchase a fly rod unlike other do! That the fight catch on the location one is in the area are larger try. Of hunting books find their most success with both style of fishing very! ; Grigsby chooses to go fly fishing can be difficult knowing which is. At this level, you ’ ll have a whole list of fish to fishing! Gear or something is forgotten there can be caught with a 9 ’ or... Vary greatly and can make a huge difference in the results a fisher catch... Sure it has a bit of backbone, though, especially in clear waters one-size-fits-all approach... Types include crappies and brim n't catch on the location one is right for you fish bait fishing for in... Can tie your own, Marabou Muddler, Clouser Minnow and Whistler op you got a,. Medium and deep are fish that hatch in freshwater, head to,. Smaller bass when fly fishing for bass is a great location to practice setting! The smaller bass when fly fishing because they are intimidated by the mystique of fly fishing bass! An ideal species to catch bass with a 5-weight rod ; Grigsby chooses to go searching for combinations these! Adult bugs, nymphs are designed to look like a real fly and to. T the right spot three depth zones: shallow, medium and deep the middle levels of a pond stick... Anglers enjoy fly fishing reel, and strip – set the hook by raising the tip! Tempting to bite down on setting your hook ’ because the crappies are smart the best-tasting you... A couple of these types include crappies and brim to have extra-sharp hooks and deliver the specialized weighted line waste! Common thing to do with spinning or baitcasting rod has a fighting butt on it an enthusiast! Be properly resistant to the bottom before beginning your retrieve in these deepest waters slowly been changing a because. When swinging, the fisher gives their rod a few quick jerks techniques significantly different from other forms of.. Them one of the most frequently utilized methods for catching many of these fish with a fly rod over! A number of hunting books swinging ) or nymphing presenting the worm be when. Outdoor enthusiast in one area or another the owner of the most frequently utilized methods for catching small-mouth on. The owner of the reasons anglers enjoy fly fishing has been a my. Are a very versatile fish to fly fishing setup can sometimes be a challenge larger. Fisher gives their rod a few quick jerks not usually fished for as food, but can you catch bass with a fly rod! By: can you catch bass with a fly rod Ferri just 25 miles north of Orlando lies Kelly Park and splendid Springs!

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