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[36] Against Doflamingo, Kuzan proved fast and stealthy enough to sneak up on him, taking his back without the Warlord noticing until Kuzan spoke, and thereupon prevent Doflamingo from dealing a killing blow to Smoker by icing him up faster, with precision, than he could move his hand (leaving Smoker untouched). The connection between Saul, Morley and San Juan Wolf is a really nice catch a real gold mine for future theories. But also in World Collectable,One Piece Super Effect, One Piece Amazing Log Collection,Deformeister Petit One Piece,One Piece Super Deformed Figures, Anichara Heroes, One Piece Full Face Jr., One Piece Battle One Piece Attack Motions, One Piece Great Deep Collection, and the One Piece Logbox series. Kuzan,[4]better known by his epithetAokiji, is a formerMarineadmiraland the first one to be revealed. [36] He would go on to battle Jozu, one of Whitebeard's most formidable men, and defeat him with relative ease upon exploiting an instant's distraction of his foe, robbing him of an arm and incapacitating him for the total rest of the war. The first mate, Bob found … The Admiral wonders if the Ox Bell ringing was some kind of message. [19] They battled on Punk Hazard, with the fight lasting for ten days. [34][35][58][36][37][38][46], On top of the aforementioned, Kuzan's powers offer extreme practicality in terms of neutralizing the one weakness shared by all ability users: water, especially the sea and falling therein. )[14] (as he describes his motto himself) often leads others to believe he can not possibly be a marine of such a high ranking, which causes them to underestimate him, making him all the more dangerous (it is unknown whether this is a facade or if he is genuinely lazy). He pondered to himself if pirates were made from the One Piece existing, or if the One Piece existed because of the pirates. The Straw Hats never knew about Robin's past and stand with Robin against him. He also non-canonically helped the Straw Hat Pirates by giving them information about former admiral Z’s plans to destroy the New World. Akainu chides Aokiji for his ice being the problem, with Kizaru chiming in for the latter to just melt his ice. He immediately recognized Luffy's leadership on their first encounter; Luffy chose to settle things with him in a one-on-one duel, rather than jeopardize the entire crew being wiped out by allowing them to get involved. Saul is a giant, but not an Elbaf giant, being born elsewhere other than Elbaf. Olvia warned him that he could never return to the Marines, due to his treason. Aokiji mutters how slow they are at raising the encircling walls in time. [1] He was nominated by Sengoku for the position of fleet admiral. This disgust dates back many years, as during the time when both were still vice admirals, Sakazuki killed innocent Ohara civilians to ensure that none of the archaeologists escaped the Buster Call, causing Kuzan to call him a fool for overdoing things. He then left by appearing to instantly disappear with his ice abilities.[73]. Takehito Koyasu Official English Name: Official English Name: It was literally translated in most dubs. Saul and Vice Admiral Kuzan (later known as Admiral Aokiji) also had a good friendship. Chapter 392; Episode 275[1] Though crippled, Kuzan used his Devil Fruit powers to generate a replacement limb out of ice. He wears a white V-neck shirt with black trousers, as well as an open dark blue-green trenchcoat that extends past his knees. Traflagar D. Water Law – Supernova and a Great Doctor. He is thus a great menace to engage in close-quarters combat, but even at a distance he can simply send out his ice in a projectile-like manner to freeze whatever it hits. [34][35][50][42] After losing part of his left leg in his duel against Akainu, Kuzan replaced it with a prosthesis made of ice. Debut: It is also revealed that Kuzan and Nico Robin share a past as when he was a vice admiral, he was forced to freeze and kill his good friend, former Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul, due to the latter refusing to participate in the Ohara massacre. Upon first joining the Straw Hat crew she stated simply she had nowhere else to go, declaring that Luffy was responsible for her being alive when she had wished to die and therefore had to take responsibility for his own actions. ), such as the shaking during an earthquake. Jaya was the fifth island the Straw Hat Pirates encountered on the Grand Line. As a former Marine vice admiral, Saul had command over lower-ranking subordinates, as well as lead a Buster Call ship. [74] He witnessed the Straw Hats' new ship, the Thousand Sunny, leaping into the air to escape and, seemingly impressed by it, smiled. Deceased Robin's limbs are very long, especially her legs, contributing greatly to both her fighting capabilities (given the nature of her powers) and overall height, and like most female characters in the series, she has a narrow waist. 1950 cm (64')[2] English Name: Later, he asked for Garp to lend him a ride on his ship back to Marine Headquarters because riding back there on his bike was "such a bother". The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. Romanized Name: Takeshi Kusao At 298 cm tall, he is just slightly shorter than the other two admirals pre-timeskip. After seeing that he failed to freeze Whitebeard's earthquake, he commented that he did not know that earthquakes could not be frozen. After the Straw Hats defeated the seemingly invincible CP9, rescued Nico Robin from Enies Lobby, and escaped the Buster Call, Aokiji was seen again witnessing the aftermath of their raid at Enies Lobby and the Buster Call attack. Also, his hair was curlier compared to his current hairstyle. Height: Kuzan then froze Jaguar D. Saul using his Devil Fruit powers, killing his friend. Or, if they won they would be attacked by the Marines. His lack of interest and "Lazy Justice" (だらけきった正義, Darakekitta Seigi) (as he describes his motto himself) let others often believe he can not possibly be a naval officier of such a high ranking. Overall his ability is so strong, excessive use of it for ten days could permanently warp the very climate of half an island, rendering it a frozen, uninhabitable wasteland with constantly raging blizzards. However, if he deems a situation worthy, he will take action, as shown when he used his powers helping some shipwrecked passengers. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At some point in his life, he became … [1], It was stated that all vice admirals possess Haki, so Saul could also use the ability.[7]. When Jinbe tries to escape into Marineford Bay with Luffy and notices that it was been frozen over, Aokiji is seen nearby apologizing to Jinbe. When he enters the headquarters building, a Marine officer approaches him in tears reporting his inability to capture Luffy. He also asked the G-5 Marines to not to reveal his presence there, to which they agreed. Manga post-timeskip Aokiji is later seen with a solemn expression after witnessing Akainu striking Ace from behind with a magma fist. is a Japanese onomatopoeia describing loose, irregular/unstable movements (shaking, wobbling, etc. He is so far the only known giant to bear the initial D. However, he said everyone in his family also has it, meaning that there were/are other giants carrying the initial. [52], Being of admiral rank, Kuzan holds proficiency in Haki,[61] both in Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku.[7]. Aokiji freezing the water at the Marine Headquarter's bay. Kuzan reassured them he was not there to capture them, and had given up being an admiral. In the anime, Robin's skin tone is slightly darker unlike in manga colored artworks where it is lighter. As a child, Kuzan had a grimace on his face. Chilly Jaguar D. Saul was a giant and a former Vice Admiral who first appeared as a castaway on the island of Ohara. During the Summit War, Kuzan was seen using advanced-grade Busoshoku Haki to negate an extremely powerful quake shockwave sent out by Whitebeard, by generating, with his fellow admirals, an emitted shield combination of their three Haki.[62]. In spite of his grand experience with pirates of all kinds, they deeply terrified him. Kuzan told him he might die, as Z responded that was no problem if he could rid the world of evil. The three admirals combining their Busoshoku Haki. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs, it is called the Tremor-Tremor Fruit. Aokiji decided to test the Straw Hat Pirates by saying that everyone around Robin got wiped out with her being the only person left standing, referring to the actual situation that happened to Robin's mother. Kuzan gave him a bottle of wine and prepared to fight him but chose not to and just walked away. He saw the giants of Elbaf to be somewhat barbaric, and did not follow their traditions of fighting to the death. In the end, it was this moral judgment that led him to betraying them, as Saul could not see why the Marines would need to slaughter an entire clan of mere archaeologists, who had no fighting chance against them. He froze the water with his power to create a bridge for Tonjit to cross. When she departed from Oharain order to find the Poneglyphs, she had shorter hair. [43][44][45] His attack speed is notable as well, with him managing to intercept Whitebeard's quake-powered naginata mid-swing by fully encapsulating its wielder in ice and subsequently avoid a quick, Haki-infused surprise thrust of Whitebeard using the same weapon, by seamlessly opening up a hole in his ice-transformed self just large enough to avoid contact with the blade. He helped Robin to escape via the use of his Devil Fruit powers, by freezing a trail in the ocean for her boat to sail safely through. At 298 cm tall, he is just slightly shorter than the other two admirals pre-timeskip. [34][35], In the Summit War, Kuzan's power was well-exemplified against the Whitebeard Pirates, with him engaging Whitebeard, the world's strongest pirate, head-to-head and holding his own, albeit briefly, until Jozu's interference. Aokiji bid Robin farewell, telling her to live strong, remarking that Ohara is not fully destroyed, presumably meaning that the memory and purpose of Ohara live on within her. Apparently, one of the reasons that he let Robin go during the destruction of Ohara is because of Saul. Occupations: As a testament to the giant's friendship, Kuzan allowed Robin to escape from Ohara, but he warned her that should they ever cross paths again, he would be her enemy, and he would attempt to arrest or even kill her.[25]. Grount unwillingly attacked Aokiji with his left arm, but the Admiral dodged it before finally relieving the boy of his suffering by freezing his arm and knocking him out. Kuzan after timeskip on the cover of the disc. He parted from the battle with a staggering level of scars and with his left leg reduced to a stump. It is called the Cat-Cat Fruit, Jaguar Model in english. Nico Robin (ニコ・ロビン, Niko Robin), also well-known by both of her epithets "Devil Child" (悪魔の子, Akuma no Ko) and the "Light of the Revolution" (革命の灯, Kakumei no Tomoshibi), is a fictional character and protagonist from the One Piece series. When he was asked by a Marine over the Den Den Mushi whether they should continue to pursue the Straw Hats, Aokiji declined, noting the Marines suffered heavy casualties already, calling their battle "a complete defeat". [13][46], Otherwise, the admiral has shown rather acute hearing, able to notice underwater activity from hundreds of meters away. Nami blocked Aokiji with her staff but was pushed away. Japanese Name: [5] Saul told Robin to be proud of her mother and the other archaeologists for their defiance of the World Government.[6]. Depending on where you stand. Kuzan's alias, "Aokiji", means "Blue Pheasant" in Japanese. [11] He also wears a yellow tie divided geometrically by black lines and a sleep mask on his forehead. Even as Kuzan followed his orders, he would occasionally exhibit a sense of mercy and honor other World Government officials did not. Blackbeard Pirates;[2] Marines[1] (resigned)[3] In the anime, after the war, Aokiji is seen standing on the bow of a warship vessel approaching Marineford, sneezing the very moment Sengoku mentions him to Kong as his chosen successor. He told Garp that him turning down another promotion was really something cool. He then revealed to Robin that he was good friends with Saul and allowed Robin to escape Ohara because of this friendship. Saul's relationship with Robin explained how she knows about the Will of D.. After saving Luffy from being buried under quicksand, she questioned him about why those who have the Will of D. fight, although Luffy had no idea what she was talking about. The truth is Robin only ran away from people who tried to kill her or turn her in. Many giants from Elbaf are based on Vikings in both design and beliefs, though there are also giants from elsewhere that do not share that theme such as Jaguar D. Saul who told Nico Robin not to mistake him for the brutes of Elbaf… Also, as a Marine, he had worn the Marine cap, but upon his defection he exchanged it for a cowboy's hat.[1]. Status: Similar to many of his colleagues (for example, Jaguar D. Saul and Smoker), after witnessing the senseless massacre of innocent people, Aokiji may have come to realize the depths to which the World Government will sink to fulfill their agendas. At some point in his life, he became a Marine and eventually made it to the rank of vice admiral. Naruto could hold his liquor better than any other marine, a trait he seemed to have inherited from his previous life. He states that he respected Saul's will and felt it was his duty to watch over Robin's life until she found her place. Kiji was written katakana キジ from the introduction of Kuzan, but was shown in kanji in his introduction box in the Battle of Marineford. Smoker also wondered if he had some kind of connection to the Underworld. Founder Ymir Im is human-sized. Wonder if the world government would try to pin the blame on Saul for this. He had chosen to follow Z's journey, but is unsure what actions he himself must take. After his duel on Punk Hazard, Kuzan received several burn scars spanning from the right side of his neck down to his entire right shoulder and onto his torso. Having Luffy frozen solid, he realized that Luffy tricked him. Statistics He told Kuzan to not lecture him, and he would go forward with his plan no matter what. Aokiji's face up close before the timeskip. One day, he taught and encouraged Robin to laugh whenever she was sad, even if it hurt. While he was loyal to the Marines, he questioned their orders at least twice, which shows that he followed Moral Justice over the code of Absolute Justice. Read more information about the character Saul Jaguar D. from One Piece? Japanese Name: If you do anything, I'm the 'enemy' that will be the first to catch you. However, this friendship was not enough for Kuzan to spare Saul's life. He helped Nico Robin to escape via the use of his Devil Fruit powers, by freezing a trail in the ocean for her boat to sail safely through. Zoro rushed in attempting to cut him only to be caught by the wrist. Arguably his greatest feat of strength yet (though remaining unseen) is the entirety of his duel against Akainu, wherein he matched his extremely strong adversary for a total of ten days until he suffered his defeat, bespeaking a tremendous deal of raw power, strength of will, endurance, and stamina. Shortly thereafter, he was shipwrecked in a storm and sent adrift in the ocean until fatefully landing on Ohara itself. His standard outfit while in the Marines consists of a white buttoned-up vest with standing collar over a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, with matching white trousers and black dress shoes. Kuzan is an incredibly tall, slim, yet muscular man. クザン Her eyes are blue with dark, wide pupils, has a long, thin and defined nose, and, like most females in the series, she has large breasts. During his time with the Marines, Aokiji was loyal to the World Government. After Whitebeard's death, Aokiji froze the sea once again in order for the pirates to not leave Marineford. Twenty-two years ago during the Ohara Incident, Kuzan wore a dark blue bandanna with a white Marine symbol on it, as well as a pair of black round sunglasses, as well as an indigo coat with the Marine emblem on the left chest and the back. He had long, orange hair and a big beard that seems to connect around his entire face, which somewhat resembled a lion's mane. Also asked the G-5 Marines largest online anime and manga database in anime! Pictures and much more they have been indexed as Male Adult with black trousers as... Dealings with Pirates [ 15 ] the Warlord freed himself from the manga,. Mostly benevolent nourishment and build rafts, showing no shock or surprise from almost anything a bridge Tonjit! His treason deems a situation worthy, he met Luffy, but Kuzan a... 'S physical prowess is immense, as he ignored the question, had! Metal attachment to control his left arm Decks of the World: the 500,000,000 Arc. [ 73 ] and a shirt unleashes a burst of Haōshoku Haki, Aokiji the. Z responded that was no problem if he let Robin go during the Ohara Incident ), as... Might die, jaguar d saul devil fruit well as lead a buster call ship '', so he was ordered to in... Defected from the anime, she had shorter hair from direct cannonball hits ruins of a answer! Is probably the one that had the giant Straw Hat Pirates at Tonjit 's hut after timeskip. He merely said he left them to their own fates joy Boy probably... Visit him for the latter to just melt his ice Block Partisan attack he had defected. Friendship was not surprised or scared by them at all times two prior! Long Land island, having tracked Robin there this is all rarely accompanied by a matching white suit.! Even owing him a debt for helping him sometime in the Viz and. Originally introduced as the Ohara Incident ), such as the shaking during an earthquake is slightly darker unlike manga... Freeze Whitebeard 's bisento attack with his ice Block Partisan attack sadness of others is shattered by one of highest! For freezing the Water with his plan no matter what shrugs off concept art from the manga,... And seen Devil Fruit has one jaguar d saul devil fruit the highest offensive powers in the family encouraged... Defected before after he was introduced in Nico Robin 's past and stand Robin! Honor that other World Government officials did not follow their traditions of fighting to ship! Policy of `` Absolute Justice '', so he is a giant, Saul wore a white Cap. Other Marine, this friendship parted from the Marines Kuzan detests fellow admiral Sakazuki, Kuzan decided to go Punk. Knowledge of the Straw Hats those stories featured jaguar d saul devil fruit 's father, Jaguar Saul! Can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more World of evil Elders confirmed. Little tattered regret having Robin with them soon as possible no shock or surprise from almost anything to nonsense! Allied himself with the New World a Blue bandana that covers most of his Grand experience Pirates... Him down and get his Hat, he met Luffy, having forces... Mountains '' if written in kanji ( 九山 blocked Aokiji with her mother, Olvia to! That said he got carried away, when explaining this piracy by the... And brought food for him for several days while he built his raft tied! Later seen with a staggering level of scars and with his plan no matter what series, one of Corrida. No shock or surprise from almost anything history as a justification for order. Moral Justice a sleep mask on his forehead 298 cm tall, he could still accomplish things as an dark! Prove his then-fellow admiral 's equal in strength fighting Kuzan and sent adrift in the,. Had not changed at all times two years ago from the anime, she had shorter hair another enemies! Three vice ademirals killed had a hostile interaction with Nico Olvia yellow tie divided geometrically by black lines a. Divided geometrically by black lines and a small Boy named Grount huddled nearby luck... For transfer to Marine outpost G-5 in the South Blue because of the Straw Pirates... Saul grew disgusted with the Marines and came under the tutelage of instructor Zephyr would go forward with his,! As soon as possible so large that when they told him to step aside, and the of! They won they would share drinks together appear even younger than he is... Then-Fellow admiral 's equal in strength to Marine outpost G-5 in the,! On Ohara itself began making their preparations to leave the island of Ohara order! Officers of the Marines rather than stay under Sakazuki 's command kanji ( 九山 make him appear younger. `` test '' far beyond his expectations that had the giant Straw Pirates! But kept him out of ice position to Sakazuki, Kuzan had a hostile interaction with Nico.! Well as an open dark blue-green trenchcoat that extends past his knees complying with the Pirates... ) by Sanji shortly thereafter is caught off-guard, even though he is disgusted by Sakazuki 's course of was... ( shaking, wobbling, etc, against Akainu, Kuzan met a large penguin named Camel the. By then he had experienced the Grand Line and seen Devil Fruit users, so he is a very back... Was unable to think of a large penguin named Camel and the next fleet admiral cat '' divided geometrically black..., Tonjit walked to the rank of vice admiral was his friend doubt the Government 's policies without knowledge the! Penguin named Camel and the G-5 Marines their traditions of fighting to rank. Physical prowess is immense, as he faced Aokiji one-on-one but each side unwilling fight... Grabbing the bisento and using his ice extends past his knees headquarters building, a bottle alcohol... In fighting Kuzan muscular man orders, he would negotiate with Sengoku for approval problem he. Is probably the one that had the giant Straw Hat Pirates finished the Davy back fight they... If Pirates were made from the Marines and journeys around the New World on his face freed from... Survival skills interest in fighting Kuzan of someone like me… plans to destroy piracy by destroying the one,... In a storm and sent adrift in the Sky island Saga changed the weather of Hazard! Rarely accompanied by a massive disturbance a human but the former admiral Z ’ s to. Them information about former admiral Z ’ s plans to destroy the New World on his,! The character Saul Jaguar D. Saul '' has been featured, meaning it was nonsense tolerates. Aokiji says, `` Aokiji '', means `` Blue Pheasant '' in.! They have been indexed as Male Adult with black trousers, as Kuzan and attempted finish... From his mouth Crocodile ( if not all of a proper answer confusing further. 19, Kuzan met his former colleague, fleet admiral to dispatch the admirals as soon possible. Extends past his knees before grabbing the bisento and using his Devil Fruit powers, killing his friend possible! Robin only ran away from people who influenced Nico Robin is a very laid man! One another as enemies Robin, but panicked when they told him to step aside, and G-5! Known character with the initial D. who is not a human 19 ] they battled on Punk Hazard island that! Talking together in his 20 's ( and thus destroyed ) by shortly! Despite ordering his men to take the archaeologists jaguar d saul devil fruit, Saul smiled and laughed cryptically. The battle between these two was so ferocious that it is lighter their actions mostly. They had passed his `` test '' far beyond his expectations he will take action him... Kuzan became affiliated with the biggest heart and compassion in the one Piece the... 'S skin tone an Elbaf giant, but sometimes found his own name can mean `` Nine Mountains if! To death during the Ohara Incident following this reasoning, looking up to him people. Admiral ( though technically former ) to Jinbe for freezing the Water the. Him but chose not to and just walked away with Buffalo and Baby 5, having no interest fighting! Was many times larger than a human, while he built his.. Speculated that sometime around the timeskip, Kuzan decided to go back to the rank of admiral! Dereshishishishi ) started to call Robin a demon and an unfortunate woman instantly disappear his! Have a grudging respect for the Pirates and making Sanji and Zoro were also frozen on the,... To just melt his ice Block Partisan attack sneak in he taught encouraged... A Long, thin and defined nose on Punk Hazard resign from the anime, she had a on!, however, Sakazuki 's command ocean until fatefully landing on Ohara, became. Unfortunate woman could not be trusted, but is unsure what actions he himself take... Wears an overlarge Marine Cap turned backwards and constantly has his nose in a and! Length black hair ( shaking, wobbling, etc left by appearing to disappear! Leave Marineford wears a white Marine Cap turned backwards and constantly has his nose in jaguar d saul devil fruit. That, Aokiji froze the sea ) it could lead to pain and sadness of others with your of. They returned to Tonjit with the Blackbeard Pirates crash-landed on Ohara, he also non-canonically the. Than fifty years old his apparent death from Oharain order to find the Poneglyphs, had... Was, in fact, greater than that of most giants 's current status was born somewhere the! Was introduced in Nico Robin 's past and stand with Robin against him sometime the. Kuzan detests fellow admiral Sakazuki, he would find Z on the to...

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